Blue or pink? Learning the gender of a baby is a very exciting moment even for family and friends of the parents-to-be.

Creative gender reveals have become increasingly popular among couples who wish to share their joy with their loved ones! Here are 8 fun gender reveal ideas!


Get your guests involved with the reveal, by making cute DIY scratch cards. All you need is some dish soap, silver acrylic paint and some gender reveal. Personalise your scratch card with the right gender. You can make these yourself or get them online. Parents provides some amazing downloadable templates.

Mix 2 tablespoons of silver paint with 1 tablespoon of dish soap. Paint over the template using 2-3 coats of paint. Let the paint dry between coats and repeat until you can no longer see the text.


Confetti balloons are another exciting way to reveal the baby’s gender. Pop the balloon and watch if it rains blue or prink confetti! Remember to put in more confetti for a greater effect and use a black translucent balloon!


If confetti balloons are too common and you want something different, a confetti box will have the same surprise element! It is extremely easy to DIY too. All you need is a box, some paint, tape and balloons/confetti! Paint your box black/white and add on words of your choice. Fill the box with blue or pink balloons and/or confetti. Tape up the box and add string to the bottom of the box for the parents-to-be to pull for the great reveal!


What’s better than a gender reveal surprise that can be eaten afterwards! It is always a great idea to have a dessert table for your gender reveal party to fill your guests’ tummy.

If you prefer something simple, check out this recipe by Betty Crocker! A simple cake with a colourful sweet center that tumbles out when you cut into it, revealing if the baby-to-be is a girl (pink) or a boy (blue)!

The Party Jeanie provides dessert table styling that is customisable to your party’s theme.


On the count of three, have your loved ones spray you and your spouse with silly string! This will be extremely fun as the kids can be involved too. The only downside is that there will be a lot of cleaning up to do.


Everyone loves a party pinata, especially the children! Fill your pinata up with blue or pink candies, confetti, balloons etc. An extra fun booster for every gender reveal party!


Buy some eggs and hard boil all but one. Color half of the eggs blue and the other half pink. Color the egg that’s not hard-boiled pink if you’re having a girl or blue if you’re having a boy. Take turns with your spouse to crack eggs on your foreheads. The ones that breaks with a runny mess will be the gender of the baby!


Party poppers are a fun way to get all of your party guests involved in the gender reveal. Everyone grabs a party popper and pops it at the same time to reveal pink or blue confetti.

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